K Laser Technology (USA) Co., Ltd. 

phone: 877-693-6457    email: sales@klaser-usa.com

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K Laser Technology (USA) Co., Ltd. (formerly AMAGIC Holographics), is a leading supplier of:

  • Textile foils
  • Cold foils
  • Hot stamping foils
  • Holographic films
  • Holographic paper and paperboard

Primarily used for:

  • Brand authentication and anti-counterfeiting;
  • Packaging enhancement and embellishment;
  • Product promotion

For over 20 years our dedication and extensive experience in holographic manufacturing has enabled us to develop cost-effective and customer-oriented solutions that meet our customers' marketing and security objectives. Providing local production and warehousing capabilities, we are able to offer our customers unparalleled supply solutions that enhance our customer’s ability to profitably create unique packaging solutions.


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